Curaçao International Financial Services Association

Our Board Member Derk Scheltema


Our Board Member Derk Scheltema


Mr. Derk Scheltema


Derk is  from  the  Netherlands  but  grew  up in Nairobi, Kenya. He studied Industrial Engineering  and  Business Administration at the University  of  Twente  in the Netherlands, where he obtained an MSc.

He started his own business process consultancy company carrying out business process improvements, and change management projects for corporate clients. He has worked on implementation projects at among others,  ABN  AMRO  Bank,  carrying out system, change management and business  process  outsourcing  projects  in  Singapore,  Hong  Kong, London, Frankfurt, Paris, and New York.

Derk joined Amicorp in 2007. He led the task force for the set-up of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange on Curacao, and gained exposure to corporate structuring, transactional services, and fund set-up and administration.

In 2009, he moved to Shanghai, China, to take on the role of Managing Director of the Shanghai office, and helped Amicorp set up its four mainland China offices.

Last year (2011) he returned to Curacao to head the Amicorp Curacao office, and has also become active in making the DCSX a success, by taking a position on the DCSX board.

Amicorp  has  its roots on Curacao, and has always been very involved in developing the financial services industry on Curacao. By taking a seat on the CIFA board, Derk wishes to continue these efforts. Having actively worked with and in competing jurisdictions, it is clear that other  jurisdictions  are surpassing the leading position Curacao has had  in  the  past  for  international  tax  planning  and  financial services.  Derk would like to join the CIFA board, to help the sector work  together  to  turn  things around, and ensure that we re-gain a leading  position,  by  ensuring  more  efforts  are made through the sector  as  a  whole, competitive tax treaties are sought and signed, new product development is continued, and collective marketing of the many  attractive  products  Curacao  has to offer in the right target markets is done.